Limestone Cleaning

At CTG Camberley we specialise in limestone cleaning and restoration to help you to keep your tile floors looking like new.

Limestone tiles are a popular choice amongst homeowners and property developers because of their rugged beauty and the fact that the natural colourings co-ordinate seamlessly with a wide variety of interiors. However, correct care and maintenance is essential.

When choosing limestone flooring it is important to remember that these tiles will require regular upkeep and cleaning to retain their original appearance. Limestone is naturally a porous material that is prone to scratching and staining so rather than using a synthetic sealer that may seep into the tile and cause damage, it is important to use safe floor cleaners that will remove dirt and grime whilst at the same time retaining the original quality of the tile.

Our limestone tile cleaning experts have many years’ experience of treating and cleaning this type of tile. Using our unique cleaning system we combine hot water, high pressure and emulsifier to initiate a thorough but gentle deep cleaning process. This eliminates dirt and bacteria and removes any dirty surface water so it cannot soak into the tiles.

We recommend cleaning your tiles on a regular basis, however if you have limestone flooring that has not been cleaned for some time our limestone restoration services can help reinstate these tiles to their former glory.

Once floors have been cleaned and restored it is usually best to apply sealant to protect the tiles from absorbing liquids and becoming stained. Whilst this will not negate the need for future cleaning it should make regular maintenance easier.

If you would like to find out more about our limestone cleaning services or wish to talk to the experts on how to look after your tile floors please contact our team today on 0800 046 7636.