Stone Cleaning

At CTG Camberley, we are experts in stone cleaning services, and make use of our unique truck mounted tile cleaning system to cater for all needs, regardless of the type of stone or whether they are floor or wall tiles, inside or outside.

We understand that all stones are different and therefore, we understand that each type of stone often requires a different cleaning process. Our tile cleaner team will start by evaluating the condition of your stone tiles, whilst considering the type of stone in order to decide on the best tile cleaning service for your needs.

Although some stones, granite for example, are less porous and more difficult to scratch, we suggest that they still need a professional tile cleaning service in order to be restored back to their original look. Our experts can also advise you on how best to maintain your stone tiles yourself, as some cleaning products on the market may actually be damaging to your stone tiles.

In addition to stone cleaning, we also provide a tile sealing service in order to prevent water, dirt and grease from penetrating your stone tiles and clogging up pores and capillaries. This process helps to make maintenance a much easier process, and means that professional services will be needed less frequently. Our clear sealer provides protection whilst leaving your stone tiles looking their original colour and newly laid.

Some stones, limestone for example, although they are porous and easy to scratch must also be able to breathe, meaning that covering the stone will a sealant is detrimental. This could mean that Limestone tiles could require more regular professional stone cleaning services.

For more information about stone cleaning services, please contact us on 0800 046 7636.

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