Tile Cleaner

Here at CTG Camberley we specialise in tile cleaner services and offer our services to customers across Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding areas. Using our specialist hard surface cleaning tools, we help them to clean, restore and also maintain their tile floors and walls, achieving the desired just laid appearance.

Our revolutionary tile cleaning services provide a thorough and effective deep cleaning process, using a combination of hot water, high pressure, emulsifier and vacuum, all from a single truck mounted generator system. Firstly, all dirt and grime is released from its hold on the tiles by application of an emulsifier. High pressurised is then able to seek out any loose dirt, grime and bacteria as well as chemical residues hidden with tiny pores within the tiles. In the final process, vacuum suction removes the dirty water leaving you with clean tiles.

CTG Camberley’s tile cleaner services do the jobs that most products on the market will not manage, especially not in the long term. In fact, many cleaning products may actually do more harm than good. It is therefore a much more sensible solution to let us provide you with a professional and efficient service.

Tile cleaning Surrey also offers a tile sealing service, applying a clear or coloured sealer to your tiles, in order to help facilitate the customer’s future cleaning regime. Forming a barrier against water, dirt, limescale and grease, tile sealer makes future tile cleaning services much easier and less frequent in many cases. By seeking a professional tile cleaner, you will save a lot of time, money and effort in trying to remove difficult stains yourself.

If you would like more information regarding tile cleaning Hampshire, then feel free to contact us on 0800 046 7636.

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