Travertine Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning tiles, it is essential to make sure that the correct products and cleaning methods are used for the specific type of tile. Travertine belongs to the limestone family and its natural pattern is formed by water flowing through the small holes within the stone. These holes vary in size and the markings left by the water give the stone a very natural and beautiful finish.

Travertine tiles are commonly used in the home for both flooring and wall tiles, which means they are subject to moisture and dirt which over time can damage the look of the tile. It is important that Travertine tiles are maintained correctly in order to retain the natural shine and colour of the limestone.

Here at CTG Camberley our team of experts have many years’ experience in cleaning Travertine tiles. The process involves filling the small holes with a specialist compound in order to prevent everyday dirt and grime from entering the holes and discolouring the tile. Once the holes have been filled, our team can polish the tiles using their specialist equipment to restore the material back to its former glory.

Many types of tiles can also benefit from being sealed so as to protect the tile and to make them easier to clean. Once our team have completed a Travertine tile cleaning project, we will provide advice and guidance for all our customers regarding how to maintain the cleanliness of the tiles for the future.

If you have Travertine tiles within your home and you would like to have them looking like new once again, then give our friendly team of experts a call on 0800 046 7636 to arrange a no obligation consultation.

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